TCU Ranch Management offers four unique educational options

Certification Option: Students who wish to attend the Ranch Management Program and obtain the education that will earn them a Certificate of Ranch Management will attend classes for one academic year (nine months). This program has been available to students since 1955 and continues to serve the industry with the latest technology available. The Certificate Program in Ranch Management is not a part of other academic programs at TCU. Students in the program are required to enroll in a prescribed curriculum, and no other courses may be taken while enrolled in the program. Upon completion of the course of study, a graduate receives 34 credit hours, transferable to most colleges and universities, and a Ranch Management Certificate. Application for this program is made directly to the Ranch Management Program.

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Bachelor of Science Ranch Management: Students who wish to earn a Bachelors of Science in Ranch Management may do so by completing all of the requirements as set out in the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin. The student will be required to complete the University Core Requirements prior to making formal application to the Ranch Management Program. Before beginning the junior year of studies, students will need to apply to the Program for acceptance. Qualified students will be given “conditional” acceptance into the program. They must then successfully complete the requirements for a General Business minor for non-business majors and any other requirements set forth in the admissions process. Application for the Bachelors Degree program must be through TCU Admissions.

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Ranch Management Minor: Students who wish to obtain a degree from TCU in a discipline other than Ranch Management such as Business, Economics, Finance, or another field can now utilize the Ranch Management Certificate program as a minor to meet their graduation requirements provided they are qualified for admission into the program and they successfully complete the 34 hours of Ranch Management courses.

Transfer Students: Students who are in good standing at an accredited college or university and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.6 may be able to transfer to TCU to complete their degree by applying for acceptance into the degree program and the certificate program. This option will enable students to acquire their University Core Requirements at another institution and complete their degree at TCU. Students desiring this option should work with the Office of Admissions at TCU to assure that they are completing the required courses for acceptance into the transfer option.

Application: Applicants to the Ranch Management Program must meet all admission requirements for acceptance into Texas Christian University as set out in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Applicants should have sufficient working experience in agriculture to understand the nature of the industry. Basic knowledge and experience with an agricultural enterprise enables the student to obtain more value out of the course of study. Individuals possessing extensive experience can acquire additional knowledge and expertise through this program, which will enable them to advance their careers more rapidly. For those applicants with less experience, the program will provide a foundation of knowledge to begin a management career and to prepare them for advancement as their level of experience increases. Applicants need to be dedicated to the profession and prepared to accept significant responsibility, while also recognizing the opportunities and challenges that exist within the ranching profession. They should also be prepared to work intensively to learn a great deal of information in a relatively short period of time. Students should be ready to accept new technology and to combine it with proven operational methods from the past to make the best use of available resources. Enrollment is limited to 36 students per year. One of the requirements for admission into either the Certificate program or the Bachelors of Science degree program of the Ranch Management Program is a personal interview, which serves to inform the applicant about the program and to answer the applicant’s questions. All application requirements, including the personal interview, must be completed before a student is selected for the program.